You’re familiar with the saying “It takes a Village……”, Here is the OBJ Design village. Planning events is our passion and no event is too large or too small — we love them all. Each is unique and every wedding should tell a story about you. Themed events are our specialty. We have decorated parties using every type of theme imaginable — but that’s what makes it fun!

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Jane Elpers

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My love for weddings began at an early age. When I was 9, my father was a part-time wedding photographer on Saturday afternoons. Because he worked for his brother, I was allowed to tag along and spend the day with him. I remember seeing the brides getting ready with their bridesmaids and mothers and noticing how beautiful and happy they were to be marrying the love of their lives. During the ceremony I’d sit in the back and wait for my dad to work. After the ceremonies, I’d sit watching and learning every detail as my father posed and positioned the brides, making memorable photos that would last forever. As time passed, and I became familiar with the photo sequence, I was allowed to help – straighten the bridal dress or hold the brides’ bouquet and any other tiny chores to help get the perfect shot. It was during this time that I fell in love with everything about weddings! I’ve been in the wedding business for 35 years now and I still love it!

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